In Africa, a Bicycle can Make all the Difference 

As of July 2016:

  • 103,000 donated used bikes shipped to Africa since 1999
  • 16,000 new bike owners taught bike repair skills in Ghana and Sierra Leone
  • 50,000 bike tools distributed in 14 African countries
  • 3000 (mostly female) students learned to ride a bike in Ghana and Sierra Leone

 Bikes provide power and opportunity.  Riding a bike is four times faster than walking, the only choice for millions of Africans. People with bikes get to schools, markets, farms and health care in one-fourth the time, improving their lives and economic futures.

 Our successful program supplies bikes, spare parts and tools. We also train owners in basic bike maintenance and repair. We work with bicycle mechanics in their villages to improve their tools, their skills; their ability to repair and maintain their customers' bikes. We empower whole communities by including women and girls in bicycle education and by teaching them to ride. These components work together to nurture the use of bikes. Improved mobility is a key to reducing poverty. In Africa, a bicycle can take a person from poverty to prosperity.

 Village Bicycle Project relies on hundreds of volunteers worldwide, with very limited administrative expenses. Over 12,000 volunteer hours are donated each year across the USA, Canada, England, Ghana and Sierra Leone.