Village Bicycle Project aims to empower communities by strengthening bicycle culture. Our programs couple quality subsidized bicycles with hands-on maintenance training for new owners. We give village bike mechanics detailed training along with specialized bike tools and spare parts.   This comprehensive, holistic approach ensures that bikes will be dependable, affordable and sustainable transportation.   Women and girls, who are frequently marginalized, are specifically targeted for inclusion in programs which begin to address the gender inequalities that limit their access to bicycles.

VBP programs make cycling an attractive choice for entire communities, as improved mobility enables growth in productivity with better access to jobs, schools and healthcare, not to mention the environmental and health benefits of cycling.

Thanks to support from donors, volunteers and partner organizations worldwide, VBP distributes tens of thousands of bicycles and gives so many people the ability to spend less time in transit and more time improving their lives.

As of Late 2021
129,000 Bikes Sent to Ghana & Sierra Leone
21,000 People  Trained in Repair Skills
4000 Girls & Women Learned to Ride
60,000 Tools Distributed to Keep Bikes Rolling

Financial support to Village Bicycle Project provides bicycles and maintenance training  to people in rural villages, who would not otherwise have access to good quality bicycles. Your donation helps develop cycling culture, improving mobility for people who otherwise walk most places they go.

Bicycle Collection
Connect with nearby organizations to collect and ship containers of used bikes, parts and tires to Ghana and Sierra Leone. If there are no collections nearby, start your own; we can help!

Volunteer/Employment Opportunities
Find opportunities to work directly with Village Bicycle Project at home and in the field.

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