Learning to Ride Empowers Girls and Women

Kipo Kondiba was age 11 on her first day in  Learn to Ride class. Sadly, she fell flat on her face after skidding on a cow paddy! Despite this rough start, she came back every day, and once she could ride, she taught her new skill to her school friend Florine. Of all the Learn to Ride girls at that site, she was the most determined and competitive. On race day she beat girls almost 5 years older, mostly by riding without fear of crashing. From then on, her goal was to perfect her skid stop. When we scheduled  a One Day Maintenance Workshop in for her village, Kipo was first in line to get her own bike. Kipo loves her bike because it saves her time walking to school and gives her freedom and independence. Kipo now has more energy for school work and household chores. The extra time she spends riding her bike for fun and perfecting her skid stop. Go Kipo!

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