Godsend Earns More, Thanks to his Bike

Godsend has had his VBP bike for a few years. Before his bike, Godsend only grew maize and yams because that’s what he had time and money to grow. Godsend could only afford to plant twice a year because he had to pay a car to take his 4 kids to school every day. He had to walk the 6 km to his farm every morning and evening in the dark.

Now, he drops the kids at school with his bicycle on his way to his farm—two sit on the top tube and two sit on the rear rack. He is home before dark every evening and has started to plant plantains as well as bananas to supplement his income. He uses the money he saves biking the kids to school to plant crops four times a year. When asked what he will do with his extra income from planting other crops, he says, “Easy! I’ll get bikes for my kids.”

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