This Monday’s Student of the Week goes out to one of our very first L2R girls, Miss Edith in Agosa. Edith showed up at her local soccer field back in March where a couple PCVs, their counterparts, and I were waiting with four bikes for five girls. She patiently waited her turn for half an hour while watching her friends ride. When it got to her turn she hopped on the bike, started pedaling, forgot to brake, and crashed straight into a mango tree! We all ran down the hill in horror; I was convinced I’d just ruined some girl’s idea of bikes forever. But when we got to her, she smiling,¬†laughing, and disentangling herself from her brake cables so she could get up and try again. All month she came to practice and teach other girls under the mango trees in Agosa and never once uttered a word of complaint. Thank you Edith for making L2R an awesome place for everyone around you!

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