Bicycle Mechanic Training

Promoting the Craft and Status of Bicycle Mechanics

To promote a thriving bicycle culture in Ghana and Sierra Leone, we equip mechanics with quality tools and expertise to promote confidence and sustainability.

As we identify bicycle mechanics in each of the communities we serve, we invite them to participate in our One Day Maintenance Workshops and Advanced Repair Classes.  For their attendance, we reward them with a set of quality bicycle tools which makes their work easier.

Once there are multiple mechanics in a region who we have identified as being committed to their craft, we invite them to a 4-5 day intensive workshop. Many of these participants are self-taught with years of innovation under their belts but very little formal training. VBP senior trainers teach each component: rims, brakes, bearings, and gears. By ensuring that local mechanics are able to fix bicycles effectively, we increase the chance that riders will utilize the mechanics’ skills and bicycles will continue to be a sustainable source of transportation.

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