Bicycles with Maintenance Workshops

Cultivating Sustainable Transportation through Bikes and Maintenance Training

Bicycles Change Lives

People come to a VBP One Day Maintenance Workshop for the opportunity to purchase a used bicycle for a subsidized price (about 1/3 the market price) and to learn the skills they need to keep their bikes rolling. We sell bikes cheaply to give access to those most in need, while still making sure people are invested in owning and using their bicycle.

Participants in our workshops often tell us they never knew they could fix their bikes themselves. Instead of having to pay someone else, they now realize they have the ability to make small repairs and continue riding. Sometimes, just being able to recognize a problem before it is too large means riders can take it to a repair shop before costs become unaffordable.

Our one-day workshops introduce riders to basic maintenance, so they can take care of smaller problems, before they become big ones. Village Bicycle Project trainers don’t just show participants how to make small repairs, they take time to practice each lesson. Through hands-on learning, we give riders the knowledge to sustain their own bicycles with confidence. Those participants who do well in the introductory workshops are invited to an Advanced Class where we study maintenance and repair in greater depth.

Participants in the Advanced Class get the opportunity to purchase specialized bike tools at a subsidized price.

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