Supporters 2015

Thanks to all our Supporters in 2015!

A special thanks to our major financial and bicycle donors:

  • ARAS Foundation
  • Sarah Augustine
  • Bikes Not Bombs, Boston
  • Bikes for Humanity, Kelowna, BC, for bikes and major financial support
  • Bikes for the World, Arlington, VA
  • Community Cycles of Boulder, CO
  • Frederic Conover
  • Cyclists for Cultural Exchange, Aptos, California
  • Fort Collins Bike Co-Op, CO
  • Frank Kroger
  • Latah County Community Foundation’s donors through the Alternative
  • Giving Market of the Palouse
  • Sheila Litzinger
  • Craig Lorch
  • Harry Moore for allowing us to use his shed for many years.
  • Re-Cycle, UK
  • Skees Family Foundations
  • Arthur Troutner
  • Working Bikes Cooperative, Chicago

We are extremely grateful to all our donors!

  • Anonymous
  • Don & Pam Avriett
  • Elaine Levin & Cathy Barbella
  • Alicia Bean
  • Bikes for Kids, Tacoma, WA
  • An Uban Om c/o Bridget Luff
  • Robert  Briggs
  • Lane Browning
  • Sally Burkhart &John Elwood
  • J C & S K Byrne
  • Forrest Carroll
  • Michael  Clark
  • CLG Women’s Cycling Promotions CO.
  • Dan  Coogan
  • Mary Ellen Coulter
  • Sharon  Cousins
  • Katie Danziger c/o Nomie Baby, LLC
  • George Donart
  • Matthew Elliott
  • Kathy Feldman
  • Judith Finel
  • Steven  Finkelstein
  • Heather Free
  • Michael & Denise Frigo
  • Kristen  Gengaro
  • Greg & Jennifer Goodel
  • Jennifer  Goodrich
  • Charles Greer
  • Keith & Barbara Gregory
  • Nanda Guajardo
  • Graham & Joanne Harrison
  • Madeleine Herbert
  • Adam Hitch
  • Mamie  Hobbs
  • John Holup
  • Gregory Hyde
  • Allison   Jacob
  • Shiloh Jaxon
  • Gretchen Jehle
  • Wendy  Kerr
  • Susan Kieper
  • Ellen Kittell
  • Marilyn Von Seggern & Tim Kohler
  • Jörg Lammersen
  • Kellin Lang-Gillming
  • John Larkin
  • Latah County Community Foundation
  • Mark Lesko
  • Robert  Levin
  • Liza Liotta
  • Livia Lisker-Blount
  • Yoonhee Macke
  • Molly Matheson
  • Rod Moore
  • Sharon  Morrill
  • Moscow Kiwanis Club
  • David     Nelson
  • Benjamin Orbach
  • Allyson Pearman
  • Susan & Bo Peck
  • Robert  Pitts
  • Norman Poppel
  • Ira Poppel
  • Barry Poppel
  • Ronald  Poppel
  • Barry Poppel
  • Joan Poulter
  • Charles  Poulter
  • Purple Paisley Quilter
  • Patricia  Reynolds
  • Jessica  Romm
  • Elliot Ryan c/o Santa Fe Waldorf High School
  • Jennifer  Schiffer
  • Bonnie  Schutzman
  • Darren  Slade
  • Catherine & Michael Sobel
  • Alice May Spitzer
  • Mary & Charles Stegner
  • Michael  Thomas
  • Thomas and Jeanette von Alten
  • Sally Voorhies
  • David Abelman & Marilyn Weil-Abelman
  • George Weir
  • Barbara Wells
  • Courtenay Willcox
  • Paul Winkeller
  • James Wirth
  • Claudia Wright

People and Their Bikes: Amsterdam to West Africa

Riding to work or school on a bicycle is commonplace in Amsterdam and without bikes the city would be more polluted, the people less healthy, and the streets less cool. But in West Africa, something as commonplace as riding a bike is a luxury that many people do not have access to. The City of Amsterdam Fietsdepot is helping to change that by donating some Dutch-cool to our programs in Ghana in the shape of 300 bicycles.

A team of volunteers from the UK and Utrecht (What the Fiets) will be loading a 40 foot shipping container (that’s big!) at the Fietsdepot in Amsterdam this morning.
The bikes will be distributed to people living in rural areas to make their daily commute to work and school more sustainable. As usual, a number of the bikes will be offered for a discount along with basic repair and maintenance training, whilst others will be sold on the local markets to recover the shipping costs.

The Netherlands Donates 400 Bikes for Sierra Leone

Village Bicycle Project is looking for more bikes to keep our programs in Ghana and Sierra Leone thriving. We have already relocated more than 60,000 bikes since 2000.

In September, 2013, The City of Amsterdam donated 400 bicycles to help capacity build our programs in Sierra Leone. We plan to ship the bikes to Freetown in May, 2014:

  • Fietsproject, May 13-14, 2014, is a joint venture between The Village Bicycle Project, Fietsdepot (Amsterdam) and What the Fiets (Utrecht).
  • A team of volunteers from the UK and Utrecht will load a shipping container with 400 bikes on-site at Fietsdepot (Amsterdam) for shipping direct to Freetown.
  • The University of Amsterdam MBA program will evaluate the project effectiveness through an in-company research opportunity for one of its students.
  • The bikes will be distributed through our program of bike maintenance workshops in Sierra Leone. We teach basic bicycle repair as a prerequisite to receiving a bike at half the market price. No-one is excluded from owning a bike through lack of income and we prioritize girls and women into bike ownership. Proceeds from the sale of bikes pay for shipping costs from Amsterdam.

If we can help make bicycling more affordable and more reliable for the lower income majority population, they will choose bicycles for their basic transportation, and soon their leaders may come to choose to promote bicycles with infrastructure and other incentives.

We are working from the bottom to accomplish what Denmark and the Netherlands have accomplished by government action, the transformation to sensible transport, Bicycles !

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