Grant Boothman

Grant Boothman joined the VBP board in 2019 after spending four months living and volunteering with the Sierra Leone Village Bicycle Project team. During his stay, Grant visited many of VBP’s programs in Sierra Leone to speak with beneficiaries about their bikes and the benefits they provide. He recently graduated with a Commerce degree from the University of Victoria. Grant has been working and playing with bikes his entire life and continues to do so from his home on Vancouver Island.

Charlotte Fagan, President

Charlotte Fagan joined the board of Village Bicycle Project in 2017. She first joined VBP as a volunteer in Sierra Leone in 2013, and then worked at partner organization Bikes Not Bombs from 2013-2017 as the International Programs Director. While volunteering in Sierra Leone, Charlotte helped start VBP’s bike library program working with local schools to lend bicycles to students commuting far distances. 

Charlotte is currently a graduate student at UCLA where she studies International Development and Urban Planning. 

David Peckham, Founder

David Peckham  founded VBP in 1999, and has dedicated his life to providing sustainable bicycle transportation in Africa. He has directed hundreds of containers of bikes from rich countries to poor countries. Dave started bike repair programs in Ghana and Sierra Leone that train people in basic bike repair, while giving our students bikes for less than half the regular local price.
In 2016, Dave retired as Executive Director, though continues on as President of the Board of Directors of VBP.  Dave lives in Boise, ID.

Joshua Poppel, Executive Director

Joshua joined the VBP Board in 2015, and is now VBP’s Executive Director. Josh has extensive experience in the bicycling industry, having served as the Executive Director of the NY Bicycling Coalition as well as a consultant for Alta Planning & Design, a firm that specializes in bicycle and pedestrian planning. He also spent many years working in bike shops where one of his favorite hobbies was rebuilding bikes from used parts and supplying them to friends that wouldn’t otherwise ride.  Josh now lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

Meg Mangels Watson

Meg Watson, Operations Director and Treasurer

Meg has worked with VBP since 2006.  She helped build the VBP organizational side and now  maintains VBP’s administrative side, financial solvency, fundraising and also manages VBP’s website and public image. Meg also coordinates Seattle area bike collections and shipping events.  Meg lives in Seattle, WA.

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