Abdul Karim Kamara, Country Manager, Lunsar

Karim Kamara, Country Manager, Lunsar

Abdul Karim Kamara is from Fadugu Village in the upper northern part of Sierra Leone. He started working with bicycles at the age of 11 at one of the biggest bike shops in Freetown where he learned the skills of the trade. As he quickly became one of the most skilled mechanics in the country, he joined the Sierra Leone National Cycling Team as an active cyclist and a team mechanic.

Karim started working with Village Bicycle Project in 2009 as a program trainer and lead mechanic. In 2015, he took over managing the day-to-day activities of the organization and is currently the Sierra Leone Country Manager. He also owns and operates a bike shop in Lunsar which is one of the largest shops in the country and a significant supplier of bicycles to many smaller bicycle dealers outside of Freetown.

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