VBP: Movement 4 Mobility

VBP program totals as of late-2016:

  • 106,000 donated used bikes shipped to Africa since 1999.
  • 18,000 new bike owners taught bike repair skills in Ghana and Sierra Leone.
  • 60,000 bike tools distributed in 14 African countries.
  • 3500 (mostly female) students learned to ride a bike in Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Since 1999 VBP has been delivering used bicycles and maintenance skills to rural villages,  allowing new bike riders to get where they need to go quickly and economically.  People are riding to increase farm yields, improve school attendance and grades, and increase incomes.   We know bicyclists arrive 4 times faster than walkers, saving precious time and energy.  People riding a bike can carry four times the weight of someone walking. Farmers, merchants, and people carrying water home are thrilled that life is so much easier. Barriers are reduced and opportunities increased. The village neighbors watch, and a change in cycling culture begins.


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