The Finish Line

Today was our last day with the Learn to Ride program at the Guadalupe School in Lunsar and yesterday was our last day in Port Loko.  We spent some time looking through the videos I’ve been taking on my camera of their progress and everyone took their turn to laugh at themselves and feel some pride about how far they’ve come.  In their final exercises, the girls faced off (two at a time) in bike races and they practiced riding through the obstacle course with only one hand on the handlebars.  I think it dawned on all the girls today that bike riding is actually fun!

All of the races were close but the ultimate victor was Warah who was pedaling like a maniac during all of her races.

It was sad to say goodbye to all of these girls I’ve gotten to know over the past four weeks but I’m also excited to meet our new groups next week.  We’ll be headed to Maronka on Monday and Konta Line on Tuesday to start L2R programs in each place.  Continuing to spread the love of biking across Sierra Leone . . .

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