People and Their Bikes: Amsterdam to West Africa

Riding to work or school on a bicycle is commonplace in Amsterdam and without bikes the city would be more polluted, the people less healthy, and the streets less cool. But in West Africa, something as commonplace as riding a bike is a luxury that many people do not have access to. The City of Amsterdam Fietsdepot is helping to change that by donating some Dutch-cool to our programs in Ghana in the shape of 300 bicycles.

A team of volunteers from the UK and Utrecht (What the Fiets) will be loading a 40 foot shipping container (that’s big!) at the Fietsdepot in Amsterdam this morning.
The bikes will be distributed to people living in rural areas to make their daily commute to work and school more sustainable. As usual, a number of the bikes will be offered for a discount along with basic repair and maintenance training, whilst others will be sold on the local markets to recover the shipping costs.
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