Sierra Leone is an incredibly beautiful country and we were lucky enough to spend some time traveling around it on a motorbike this week.

First on the agenda was the village of Fadugu, located in the hills in the northeastern part of the country.  One of our staff, Karim, had raved about one of the schools there and said he thought it would be perfect for VBP.  Fortunately for us, he was right and we had a great time visiting the school and meeting the staff.

Next, we went to Rorosengbeh Village.  This was the most remote place we visited and it was interesting to see a village that was considerably more traditional than our home base, Lunsar.  We were greeted not only by the school’s faculty and the usual mob of giggling children but also by the village elders.  They had great questions about VBP and what we might be able to do to help the people of their community.  After touring the school, the elders gave a short speech thanking us for visiting and presenting us with a chicken as a token of their appreciation.  Visiting Rorosengbeh made me especially thankful that VBP takes the time to find amazing places that are off the beaten path.

Lastly, we went to a village called Mataska, not far from Port Loko where we had completed a L2R back in July.  Mataska has only one small school with three teachers.  Our visit was the first time the headmaster had heard of VBP so we’ll likely visit a few more times before starting L2R there to make sure we have a strong relationship with the community.

There’s always another village to visit and I can’t wait to see where VBP will go next!

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