The Bicycle is King!

This shaky mobile phone video was shot by our Program Coordinator, Jason Finch, in Ghana as he returned from a worskhop in Akonkonti. Behind Jason are our instructors, Abokyi Samadu and Moro Musa, riding motorbikes, and then behind them – to much surprise! – is Mr Solomon Aduo, on his new push bike!

Mr Aduo, who had just attended our One Day Workshop in Akonkonti, kept pace with the team the whole 9km back to Asueyi. He then told them that the “bicycle was king”, and that in heavy rains the paths quickly became impassable, and many motorbike owners would leave their motorbikes at the farm until the ground firmed up, and then have to walk home.

“But! Anyone with a bicycle,” Mr Aduo added, “can simply push their bicycle, or even carry it through the bad road! …You can’t carry a motorbike!”

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