Carrier Program Extended to all Workshops

Last year we initiated a pilot-program in Ghana to mass-produce 200 cargo-carriers to accompany bicycles offered to workshops in the Upper West Region. The carriers were made locally in Wa – the regional capital, and cost GHc5 or $3 each.

Our resident Program’s Coordinator Liz Bageant, led the program and oversaw the carriers distributed to Jirapa and Piina‘s outlying villages.

“The positive response to the carriers was overwhelming,” she said, “as people perceive them to be much stronger than the factory-made carriers that are most commonly used in the area. Our carriers are strong enough to carry passengers over rough roads, not to mention other heavy loads that are commonly hauled about in rural Ghana.”


Following Liz’s appraisal, we returned to Wa earlier this week to meet master welder A-Karim, and order another 270 carriers. We also tweaked the design to fit the larger, more cumbersome fenders which are widely available and popular in the rainy seasons.

We now plan to offer our made-in-Ghana carriers alongside bicycles in all upcoming programs, whilst these next 270 will go to workshops in the Upper West and Brong Ahafo regions over the next two months.

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